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Doctor Languages Include: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali

Why Choose Us ?

Your number one choice for medical case management in Southern California


Medical Reports within 24 hours

Our advanced software enables healthcare providers to dictate their notes directly into the system, which can then be easily edited, reviewed, and signed by the doctor. Once finalized, these reports are seamlessly sent automatically to the patient's representing law firm, ensuring swift and accurate communication of essential medical information.


Timely Treatment

We prioritize swift and convenient scheduling to ensure our patients receive timely care. Our highly trained staff excels in efficiently coordinating appointments, taking into account patient preferences and scheduling constraints. With multiple convenient locations, we strive to minimize travel time and inconvenience for our patients, providing access to quality care close to home. Through our streamlined process and commitment to patient satisfaction, we aim to make the scheduling experience as seamless and convenient as possible.


Commitment to Ethical Standards

Pledge Medical is founded on a commitment to ethical standards, transparency, and patient-centered care. Recognizing the unique challenges of personal injury cases, we dedicate ourselves to providing tailored solutions that meet the needs of our partners and their patients


Law Firm Direct Access

Through our innovative and proprietary software, law firms gain exclusive access to our comprehensive portal. This platform provides real-time visibility into upcoming appointments, detailed medical reports, treatment recommendations, and vital case information, empowering firms with seamless and efficient management capabilities.


Leading Medical Service Organization

As a distinguished MSO, we excel in offering extensive non-clinical support services to healthcare providers, allowing them to focus on delivering optimal patient outcomes. We have a strong network of board certified providers. Our MSO services include but are not limited to case management documentation, clinical efficiency solutions, human resource management, appointment scheduling and management of the lien resolution process. By focusing on these, our physician partners are able to ensure exceptional patient care.


Guidance for Providers & Law Firms

Whether you're a healthcare provider seeking streamlined operations in personal injury cases or a law firm aiming to facilitate medical evaluations and treatment for your clients, Pledge Medical is here to guide you at every step.

Our Specialties

At Pledge Medical, we take pride in our strategic partnerships with leading Medical Groups, which enable us to offer a comprehensive range of specialized services. Through these partnerships, we provide access to a diverse team of board-certified specialists across six key medical specialties. Our collaborative approach ensures that patients receive tailored treatment plans and expert care from highly skilled providers. Our specialties include:

Pain Management

Orthopedic Surgery



Plastics/Reconstructive Surgery

Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

Specialities by Location

Long Beach Tustin Corona Riverside
Pain Management
Plastics & Reconstructive

Who We Serve


Law Firms

At Pledge Medical, we're committed to simplifying your case management process. By handling all aspects of medical case management and treatment facilitation, our goal is to enable your firm to efficiently manage higher case volumes with less headaches, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional legal services to your clients.



Our mission is to ensure that you feel cared for, valued, and supported throughout your recovery journey. We do that by providing a dedicated Pledge Medical treatment coordinator who will stay by your side for the duration of your treatment, ensuring you receive individualized attention, seamless appointment scheduling, and tailored support to make your experience as comfortable and empowering as possible.



We collaborate with healthcare providers and medical networks to alleviate the administrative burden and enhance the patient experience. Our services include medical case management, coordination with legal teams, fulfillment of subpoena requests, billing, negotiations, obtaining medical records, and more. By handling the complexities of multi-doctor, multi-location cases, our goal is to allow doctors to focus on what they love most – treating patients. Allow us to ensure seamless operations while prioritizing the success and well-being of both providers and patients, aiming to exceed expectations and elevate the standard of healthcare delivery.

Our Locations

We have four locations in Southern California to serve you.
Each location has its own specialties listed below.

Tustin, CA

  • 14642 Newport Ave Suite 460
    Tustin, CA 92780

Specialties: Pain Management, Orthopedics, Neurology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery (ENT). Podiatry

Long Beach, CA

  • 2664 Atlantic Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90806

Specialties: Pain Management, Orthopedics, Neurology, Podiatry

Riverside, CA

  • 10694 Magnolia Ave 2nd Floor
    Riverside, CA 92505

Specialties: Pain Management, Orthopedics, Neurology

Corona, CA

  • 2250 S. Main Suite 205
    Corona, CA 92882

Specialties: Pain Management, Orthopedics, Neurology

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Doctor Languages Include:
English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali